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Here are my favorite three slingshots to date. On the left and right are buckthorn slingshots. In the center, one made from riverbank grape. The forks on these are lowered from my usual Rufus-style forks. They're also about an inch or so higher than those on a typical, modern competition slingshot. The big problem with the popular, low-fork designs is the fork hit. I can shoot my Axiom Champ and PP Taurus, for weeks, and never get a fork hit. All of a sudden, I get one and have a marred slingshot. By raising the fork a little, I can shoot them just as well and never get a fork hit. The slightly taller and wider forks just work better for me. Of course, I still enjoy shooting the low forks and even plan to try my pickle forks. Another reason I like these three is the grips fit me well.



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