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My background is in trad archery and before that rifle hunting. Before that I was throwing rocks at stuff and using a slingshot to nail my brother with spruce cones. Anyway I have been hunting my entire life but up until about a week ago I never took a slingshot seriously as a hunting tool.

Recent Learnings: Slingshots are easy to make, easy to use, completely intuitive, great practice for trad bows and **** lethal on small game.

Some of you may have seen my last post about spruce hens during moose season, which is the reason I found slingshot forum in the first place. Well a couple more hens, that I don't have pictures of, and these two red squirrels, and we have the beginnings of a Slingshot Skillet. Add in a couple peppers from the greenhouse and an onion from the grow beds a bit of salt and pepper over medium heat and all you need is a cold beer to die a happy man!

I also have the red squirrel pelts drying on my weasle stretchers, may make a ammo pouch or two.

The gory details:
Slingshot- Red Alder Natural
Bands-Double black theraband 1 inch straight cuts to homemade pouch. something like 7.5 inches active band. Draws 22lbs at my 31 inch draw.

Ammo- 1/2in marble. Weight 76grains.

Distance- 9 feet and 8 yards.

Additional notes: The first was shot moving vertically up a tree trunk, at very close range. I did not lead him enough and missed the head. I hit him square in the spine, upon inspection the damage to the spine, ribs and internal organs was extreme. The second was a further shot, but the squirrel was not spooked like the first. He got one in the side of the head. The dog got to him as he did the post-headshot twitch. No damage to the meat or the useable part of the fur, did get the head chewed a bit though.



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