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Natty frame angles questions

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As I shoot gansta only both ott and ttf using
Factory frames, try to get frame level in both planes and perpendicular to stance.
I stumbled on natty fork and want to test a few ideas.
I am sure many have had these simple thoughts so thought I would ask advise.
I am searching ergonomics in these ideas.
It feels better to have frame holding hand at about
45 degrees meaning half way inbetween hammer and gansta. So fork lengths would not be equal to get fork ends exactly vertical and also fork ends angled.
Anyone ever shaped ott frame fork
Ends angled so frame can be pointed slightly downrange while keeping bands flat and
I hope I have explained this idea well enough?
Any and input welcomed.
Btw ,big thanks to who ever posted microwave
Wood natty frame drying idea!
Worked perfect for me!
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Unequal fork lengths don't seem like the right answer.

I know you have been shooting "Gansta" but perhaps you should try shooting your natural fork at a 45 degree hold instead.

I shoot with the handle parallel to the horizon and find that comfortable. But I know that some shooters are more comfortable with the handle canted. I have seen the suggestion that holding one fork exactly vertical is easy to repeat.

If you find that comfortable, perhaps it is worth pursuing!

Good luck!
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No matter the angle that you hold it the tips will be parallel to each other. The only thing that will make a difference is if you are canting the fork. Forward facing forks work fine and look cool.
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I'm not sure if I understand you correctly - but I'm not sure it
matters. You can vary the angle of the handle and/or lengths of the forks to suit your purposes. There are no rules. There are advantages to having the bands vertical to each other and perpendicular to the ground so that you can look or site down the bands but even that isn't essential if you are shooting instinctively.
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Carefully aligned forks to
Be perp to ground when hand at about 45 degrees.
Also angled back to allow forks to cant down range.
Finished with sand paper taped to
Glass to get forks aligned in
Both planes. Dremmeled wrap as and tuck
Groves. As far as I could feel and see when examining at draw all
Looked equal and ergo (goal) felt great!
My 6 euro china stainless ttf amd of course scouts blow away what I spent hours making!
I could simply not get acurate shooting it.
All is well, will never make another as that time could be spent targeting with what works!
I admire all that I see here home made, just for me
It is so cheap to buy a quality frame and I really enjoy cutting, testing, tieing bandsets at
I am however almost done with diy materials on hand starship just to see how they shoot?
To bad shipping from USA to E U is so expensive, I would buy a pocket pred frame ott, ttf with handle
Not paralle to forks so holding hand is 45 when fork tips are exactly vert!
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