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This is what I made from the thick fork I mentioned in a previous thread. Original plan was to slab it and then try to make an Island Made Dorian, but I had to cut too much off to get it to fit the 4" throw of the bandsaw. I was already working on two bamboo board wide gap opfs frames (also an IM template based on original Dgui opfs), so I used that template.

It's far from perfect, but my best effort so far. Has a couple of bandsaw scars that I just couldn't sand enough to remove totally, so I'm just calling it rustic and leaving it at that! I was going to use Teak oil for a finish, but the grain was nothing special, so I stained it and then applied three coats of satin poly. Feels great but kind of wish I left it natural. Using the swell on the finger side and it really locks in place. It was a good learning experience and overall I'm pretty pleased with the results. Looks much better when in the hand. Thanks for looking!

Plant Wood Rectangle Gesture Trunk

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Wood Rectangle Trunk Art Font


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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