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Natural Fork - Tell Me What You Think!

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What do you think of this natural?
Not very good37.14%
Meh, it's okay1330.95%
Thats good!1945.24%
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Hey everyone, I found this fork laying at the back of the shed today and thought it deserved to be used!

It wasn't a pretty fork to say the least but had a lot of bits coming off of it, leading to me thinking it might have a nice grain.

I shaped it and sanded smooth.

Please let me know your honest opinion!! (pictures don't do it justice)

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Be glad to take it off your
I'd just like to say it's not fully finished yet, just thought i'd take the pictures and then finish it some other time
I wish that you had put something in there for scale... I get no impression of the size. Nice looking piece.
Nice looking fork, great job so far
Jake I will take some more pictures later with a deodorant can so you can get an idea of the size.
i like it but as you said it needs finishing
Thats why I have left it for now, until an idea comes into my head.
mmm i like it could do with handle making a bit smaller or a hole in bottom for wrist grip maybe some oil on it... yeah looks good
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I've been waiting for an idea to pop into my head of what to do to it, I'm currently up to the sanding stage. Can anyone guess what it is??
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I have now finished this one, pictures will be on tomorrow: In my opinion it is a good change!
those dots, or whatever is their name, are so sexy!
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