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Here are a several naturals I found while on vacation in my brothers town in Conn. I am very interested in seeing the character of the grain because of what spalting has occurred.

The lighter ones on the left are Locust from a fallen tree. When I cut them they gave off an odor somewhat of a dead carcass. Upon further peeling off of the bark, there were maggots under the bark some very small and some nearly like a full grown maggot under the loosest bark. Kind of gross but I scraped off the maggots and what wood easily scraped off with the edge of a knife.

The locust is heavy stuff.

The dark ones I am not positive of and the small greyish one was a driftwood branch elevated out of the water when I found it. I kept it because it looked like a perfect fork that will need next to nothing to prepare it for bands. I too like when forks check. The splits in the wood give character.

Wood Font Artifact Art Hardwood

Wood Natural material Cuisine Dish Hardwood


1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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