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Elsewhere in this sub-forum you'll find the announcement of a "side tournament" at the ECST that is the roll-out of the new National Catapultry Association. This shoot will use flat, circular clay targets of varying size for scoring. I've been working on a way to prepare to shoot such targets.

I figured that, just like paper targets, the only way to prepare for this type of target will be to shoot them or a reasonable substitute. I'm using the lids to vegatable cans because 1. they fit the description pretty well and 2. I have a bunch because I always throw them in my "shootables" box when I take them off the cans. I'm pretty much like those pathological hoarders that I guess people watch TV shows about except I hoard cans and bottles and anything else that I might want to use as a target. Subsequently I have a great many bottle caps as well, so I've been using those, too.

See you in Alverton!


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great prep ! ever consider using checkers ? easier to stand or make lil

clay targets(borrow the kids play doh or modeling clay) with the bottle

caps as a mold. get a feel for the clay turning to dust.
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