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I will once again be uploading footage of the event to The FlippinOut Slingshots channel throughout the weekend. If you are not subscribed to my channel, do so and you will be notified of each new upload, or just check in through the weekend.

You just never know what you may see this year....

  • Crazy Mike being.... crazy
  • MJ shooting fast and straight
  • Rayshot shooting through the same hole....over and over and over again- it never gets boring!
  • Blue Skeen spouting slingshot wisdom and tales of yore
  • Flatband packing heat
  • campsite shoot offs
  • feats of amazing skill and awesomeness
  • In depth interviews with attendees
  • destruction of glass
  • Exclusive footage of the new NCA format and discussions
  • and more slingshot BS and fun than you ever thought existed

If you are within driving distance, you owe it to yourself to attend. For the rest of you, it is my pleasure to bring the event to you!

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i loved the video footage you took last year. if i may make a suggestion, hows about more one on one interviews ? especially with mrs jaybird. (cant recall off my memory if you or anyone els has). i loved the roundtable from last year, any chance for another one? or two?

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Talk about speed shooting, Blue and Crazy-them boys can flat get at it! Like Nathan says, looking for some fun,come on over to The Sportsmans Club in Alverton PA. Pure clean fun and awesome people,our people,SLINGSHOT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

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i'm using my 1000th post to say hello to all you shooter nuts hope the event goes great i have watched alot of the almost live coverage it great for us that could not be there this should get done on every event
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