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Hey guys

I've been working on a simple natural design recently and decided it was time to get the tools out and make it.

It is made out of an oak fork, sanded smooth, coated in BLO, and then coated in bees wax, and buffed to a shine.
It is number 1 out of approximately 5 I will make, as this is only a start. I'm sure there will be changes made to every other on that I produce. I also have some ideas of how to "customise" this design, on my next ones.
When holding, your fingers lock into place where the handle is carved into, very comfortable!

I have also incorperated a simple 'makers mark' to establish that this is MY work
(not that anyone would want to pass it as their own, haha)

I may also give away a couple of these for people to review/see what needs changing and improving.. but i'll have to see about that later.

For some reason I have decided to call this design 'Nembus'

Here are some pictures of Nembus #1 (The picture does not pick up the finish)

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I like this very much! Nice natural curve in the handle portion.

Now, I am not one for "wasting" anything, but it would be fun to see how your fruit props stand up against some steel shot and a good bandset on this fork.

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Beautiful and solid with simple lines. Nice carving work on that one. Very well made. Must be a pleasure to shoot, LBurnett
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