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Ive just received this little beauty in the post. Its a game changer. Ive been a chippy for 30yrs and have never come across the shinto rasps. I have a small collection of bahco files which I have been using to shape my natties , I thought they were a good set, but after using the shinto i realise ive been wasting a lot of my time. This rasp is seriously good, removes the material so quickly. Im going to be ordering another shortly.
Thanks Simon

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I bought one of these 12+ years ago & used them for mainly for shaping stick & full tang knife handle. This included filing brass, nickel silver & stainless bolster materials.I still use it today & t's still as good as ever. Well worth the money!

I've also used micro planes small
like this and larger. Good but they dont last as long & are better suited to finer work.
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