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This time, instead of making plaster of paris balls, I made a cylinder of package tape of the exact inside diameter of a pvc pipe. I then filled it with plaster of paris (after temporarily plugging the bottom with toilet paper) and added water using a dropper. In 15 minutes I pushed it out with a plunger. This is what they look like.

Ingredient Orange Drinkware Juice Bay breeze

It's a better ammo type than this:

It doesn't disintegrate on impact and hits hard enough despite being a little lighter. The tape shell seems to make a difference. It still weighs more than a glass marble. And it's way less messier to make.

Light Material property Measuring instrument Postal scale Gas

This one:

Ingredient Writing implement Chemical compound Wood Graphite a fail. It doesn't autorotate to hit point first.

But it will work in a miniature cannon (smooth bore). So not a total waste.


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