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HI my name is Steve, and I live outside of Pittsburgh PA. In a small town called Little Boston.

I got my first slingshot sometime in the early 70s. When i was about 12 or 13. We always called it a wrist rocket, but after doing some research i believe it is a trumark it was aluminum and had a blue tube grip and dense foam wrist pad. It may still be at my Dad's house, it may take years to find it ( you never saw my Dad's basement LOL).

I was given a cheap $5 slingshot for christmas, I am a ham radio operator a wanted it to fire a line over a tree branch to pull up a wire antenna. It broke after one shot. i just threw it in the trash.

I use my old ugly stick pole and mitchel 300 reel ( they are about as old as my old slingshot) and tie on a large sinker and fire the line over a tree branch and use that to pull up a rope. i used the neighbor kids last summer ang got the line about 50 ft high. i know they make one to use for this but its about $100 way to rich for me.

After the cheap one broke, i started looking and found the trumark website and ordered a ws-1 like my old one and 2 extra RRT bands they had the best prices i could find.

The weather here is really cold so i spent the day reading about slingshots on the web. and am really excited about shooting them. I have alot rabbits and other small animals that destroy my veggy garden. and a firearm is out of the question.

I just pm tex shooter about getting one of his saunders hawks and extra bands.

My lot is about 100ft. X 150ft so i have little room to play i can set up target against the bank out back and practice

Thanks for the great website and all the good reading Steve
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