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Hello All.

Been crusing the site for a few days now and im hooked. Im From NSW Australia if anyone is interested,

I will be posting regualr supply of steel ammo on the classifieds section to help the aussies who cant access it easily. i Also have a small amount of FRESH Green Thera band that im selling. Im also trying to negotiate latex sheet for regular supply. I will advise when that is happeneing. Most of this stuff is for my own personal use but i can see from the forums that some people have trouble accessing it and as such im trying to help people out.

Let me know if you interested or if you can get a better deal as i spend wayyyy to much on ammo and rubber. Bloody addicted to slingshots.

I've already downloaded some of the board templates and made a few forks. Some really nice designs here, thanks to everybody who has posted a Slingshot Design. I will make very good use of them indeed.

I will take a pic of my best slingshot soon and post it for you guys and gals to check out.

On a side note, Anyone know where i can get differnet coloured timber for making board cut forks. i use 7 ply at the moment and its strong but i wanna try some laminates and some palm swells as my skills develop. Anyway, Any info would be appreciated.

Really excited to have found this site.

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Hey buddy, welcome aboard.

I checked out your ammo, nice, might be hitting you up for some 12mm soon.

As for wood, I have a Saddingtons building supplies place nearby, they sell all sorts of hardwoods and have an epic off cuts bin.

Pull out the yellow pages or fire up google and check your local timber suppliers. Even if they cant help you, they can usually point you in the direction of someone who can.
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