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New in the forum

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Norm from the East coast USA. I have been shooting off and on for 51 years. My dad taught me how to shoot and make great slingshots. I still use 2 of my favorite ones and just ordered a danfung to try out.
I don't make them any more because I can't climb the trees needed for the material. And besides I'm sure some one would call the cops if they saw me cutting a tree. Great that so many world wide are into the sport.
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Welcome to the forum! Sometime you can get lucky and find a fork from a downed tree. Look for construction sites that may have cleared trees. Also if you take a walk into the woods and do some searching ... a fork can usually be found. I will cut a branch off a live tree if it wont kill the tree. The dankungs are also pretty fun to shoot and fit nice in the pocket.
Welcome Norm!!!!
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Hello from Colorado and welcome.
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Good to have another "Fork" lover with us! Flatband
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Welcome from Oklahoma!!! I am new to this forum also.
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