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New model Ergo

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I really like this new ergo.
I have designed it for the horizontal shooter, or people that like a nice cant.
It fits your hand really nice, and it is very accurate.
The forks are cupped to help align the bands consistantly to avoid any fork hits.
Finger grooves and thumb and forefinger hold, makes it wonderful for shooting.
This can be shot left or right hand hold..depending on how you set up the band confiqureation.
I would like someone to shoot one (besides me) and give an opinion on the piece.
I find 3/8 steel or lead ball is the optimum projectile with it.
It is set up with double , gold, theraband, flatbands, tied at 8 inches from fork top to pouch.
Any takers to shoot and give results? No strings...I would like feedback on this new horizontal, ergo, model.
First responder gets to try it out.
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I really like it! It's sure to be a hit! What kind of wood did ya use and please PM me how much you are thinking of charging.

Again nice work and a great configuration!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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