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[quote name="Colorado CJ" post="1399416" timestamp="1587153130"]Hello everyone.
I decided to make another slingshot :). This time, I tried to blend a few different designs together to make an OTT slingshot.

I am about to start milling out the aluminum center plate.

Might finish this tomorrow.

Looks interesting!

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Well, I finished this one up today. After cutting the first core, I made a few changes. I adjusted the thumb area to make it larger and I also slightly raised the forks (4mm).

Today, I spent a good couple of hours shooting it at the shop. Fits my hand perfectly and was completely comfortable shooting the whole time. I am not sure which I'll like best in the long run, OTT or TTF, but I was pretty accurate with this one today. I'll probably end up making this same design in a TTF as it fits my hand a lot better than the R10 design I built last week.

Here it is!

49799504018_1f4c2c7713_b.jpg_CFA0346-Edit-1 by Colo CJ, on Flickr

49799503883_342811fc05_b.jpg_CFA0352-Edit-2 by Colo CJ, on Flickr

49800050741_c5998c7975_b.jpg_CFA0384-Edit-3 by Colo CJ, on Flickr
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