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So I just received some 1842 simple shot premium black tubes. I believe it's New tubes that they're carrying? Having never used tubes before but wanting them for practicing so I don't burn through so much flat latex I want thought I'd give it a try.

After work yesterday the temperature was 35 degrees Fahrenheit kind of crappy and raining but I had my slingshot inside so that I could take it out first thing and least get around a shooting in before the band's got too cold. With my 25/13 mm taper I usually get around 240fps in normal Temps.
Right off the bat first shot I was several inches below Target at 10 meters?? When I moved up to seven I was dead on target with my normal aiming point on the corner of the fork. Don't know the exact speed but it was very slow way below 200fps.
I received my 1840 tubes in the mail after Dark so I gave them a test this morning. I cut the tubes to 7 1/2" straight tubes and tested them this morning at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. My shots were coming in at an inch maybe two under Target definitely closer than the flat bands with a slightly cold a temperature. I then moved forward 7m and my shots were dead on target. The speeds with the tubes were a little faster than the flat bands noticeable but definitely still slow. I'm shooting 3/8 in Steel with a 32-inch draw length. I know I can get much faster speeds if I shorten up the tubes but I want them to be practice and to last a long time.

My tube stretch will be a ratio of 4.3 and if that's not fast enough for normal weather I will get them closer to a ratio of 5.0 so that I can get speeds around 230 to 240.

Very happy with the tube so far easy to work with and I like that I don't have to untwist my bands. I know that I could use these tubes with a pseudo taper as wll showed in his threads if I so chose, but I have so much flat bands that work at hunting speeds that I plan on just using the tubes around the backyard. I will update when the weather gets more normal tomorrow to see what speeds are in 80 degree temperature.


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