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Came in today. :shocked: :banana: :D

(After 2 months, I'd given up hope it would ever get here)

Pouch Size:

Call it "1.5 inch (38 mm) long between the bands, and 1/2 inch (13 mm) tall."

Catapult:Flat band, made a some metal. Leather wrapped handle.

Bands: If not 1 mm thick, they are just a smidgen shy of it. Green on one side, yellow on the other, if that means anything.

Cut back to to 5 inches from pouch to frame.

(I have a short draw length. Shortening the bands 5 inches should have the same effect as having "normal" arms that are 5 to 8 inches longer than what I got.)

Aside from paper and Breezy, I have no idea what I'll be shooting.

(Well ... depending on the day, I may be shooting Breezy's mean and nasty older twin brother and sister, Windy and Snowy.)

Other potential targets include squirrel (tree rats) Pigeons (flying rats) and Easter Bunny/Hare.

Toy Textile Finger Plastic Wrist

Leg Toy Wood Fictional character Sock

Wood Bumper Machine Composite material Plastic

Do I need clay ball, or steel ball ammo over 1/4 inch?

I have .25 inch steel balls, .490 inch (170 grain) lead balls, .50 inch glass marbles, and .530 inch (230 grain) lead balls.


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Nice slingshot!

No you don't need a clay ball or steel over 1/4 but you have enough band to handle a pretty heavy load. I'd start at 7/16 steel and see how it handles. With double bands you've got alot going on. 7/16 lead might be doable. I shoot 5/16 steel with the single band version of what you have.
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