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Like that little frame, nice............I don't know much about 3D printing, but am assuming that 70% means it is

"almost" solid, but not quite ?

Also, on the attachment method.....looks like that will work great, but something else you could try that'd be a bit more secure

is to cut a short length of tubing, then roll the bands around that, stretch both to where the bands pop into the hole / slot....very secure.

( one or my cheap Ali Express slings came banded this way, but was a top slot attachment, instead of side slot like you have )

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I haven't uploaded it to, but I'm planning on it later.

Attaching file. There are 3pcs
140mm is the one in the pictures.
125mm is a smaller version
135mm is a modified version that will be the best.

The one in the picture is big on my fingers and pushing me.
The 135mm version has surfaces already modified and should be OK
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