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I've been shooting catapults since I was about ten years old , I think that was with a Milbro (38 years ago), and never told anyone about it, thinking I was in a minority of one! Then after a recent house move, I lost my Black Widow catapult so looked on the internet with the intention of buying another of the same, however I saw one of Jorg's YouTube vids! I never realised there were so many catapult designs, that led to me reading a few forums, I never realised so many people shot catapults.

My other business is leather restoration which keeps me very busy. I live near Birmingham in the UK and I am using a Dankung American Fox

I saw someone was asking where to get leather from - a great free source is furniture shops, just go and ask for any old leather swatches they have, they are normally happy to give them away.
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