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We have several easily available vendors on this forum who each make exceptionable flat band sets. Don't worry about which one is better, because they each have done their homework to give you an awesome shooting slingshot.
I shoot both small diameter tubes and flat bands. I enjoy the Chinese style tubes because of the way they feel when shooting. You can buy them from "danny" a forum member who is also a Chinese style slingshot vendor, or from, for a very reasonable price. I like their 18-42 for target shooting and 17-45 four strand for field plinking. Their 20-40 eight strand rigs are great for hunting small game. These rigs require one of their slingshots with the rings to attach the looped tube sets.
I enjoy flat bands for their pure performance and super sharp accuracy when the proper pull weight is matched to the individual shooter. If they are rigged right they will last a very long time, longer than they are usually given credit for. I have several flat band slingshots that have been used quite a bit and they have the same bands I put on them months ago. I treat the rubber with turtle wax UV protectant to keep them from drying out in the sun.
Don't be confused by thinking that pull weight has to be heavy for power. This is a common mistake made by most people who are new to the sport. A slingshot is not a bow.
Tex-Shooter sells target grade, field grade and express grade flat band sets for example. I have used his field grade flat bands and they are extreme performers with awesome formed pouches that last and last like the energizer bunny. I recommend you experiment some on your own with the proven products our venders sell. This way you will find just what you like for the least amount of money. I also really like Linatex bands, but they have their own feel also.
With a proper set of rubber a wrist brace isn't necessary, because they aren't that hard to pull. I think the commercial companys went to braces so they could use large diameter tubes to fit the diameter of the metal they slip the tubes on to. For them this is a cheap way to avoid the extra cost to manufacture their slingshots for better quality rubber. Saunders, however has taken the step to make a first class commercial slingshot that will allow the shooter to attach the type of rubber they want to use.
Hope this helps you out.
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