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I have a confession.. If it's rubber and its shootable I'm gonna try it and be content.. There is so much out there to mix up the shooting. I have some thera sets baum sent and aside from my Hunterbands they are the only other thera I've tried.. These are way different then my hunterbands.. I love em.. One is red and I could prob shoot it butterfly. It's just so smooth drawing. I also have sets of Latex from Tex and I love them as well. I have chinese tubing and I love shooting that too.. I have some gymnast rubber that reminds me of the ole innertube rubber, that's great.. Gum Rubber rocks! Personally, there are too many types that I DO enjoy shooting and I'm ok with that.

When it comes to rubber I ain't picky.. Guess I'm just a rubberwhore.
It's all fun and each type will give you a slightly different shooting experience..

Enough of these silly quests and searches for the "perfect" rubber.. The perfect rubber is the kind you can shoot well & consistently. Period. Nothing more to it then that.. Try a bunch of different stuff out is my advice, then go from there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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