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As far as thera bands themselves, I prefer either silver or gold. I usually use 10 1/2 inch bands that are 1/2 wide. With thera bands, I double them up. The length of the band varies on your height and draw style. Length varies greatly from one person to another. I am 5 foot 11.5 inches tall and I just turned 13. My slingshooting friends that are the same age as me (Many of which could really use some practice) use 7 or 8 inch bands. They are all about 5 foot 4 or 5 foot 3. If you draw butterfly style, the length of your bands will increase further. (I use the butterfly style) As far as bands vs tubes, I would take bands on a train, or in a plane. On a moose, on a goose. Yes, Sam I am. I like my flatbands. (What a lame rhyme) On a serious note, bands will generally perform better, but are less durable. But, if you treat them well, they will last. Treating them well involves:
1.) Storing them in a dark, cool area
2.) Never fire the slingshot with an ammoless pouch (dry firing)
3.) Use ammo of the appropriate weight for your bands
4.) Don't let your less intelligent friends play with it
5.)Thats about it for now

I've also seen some harsh reviews of thera bands. Some things I've heard are "They belong in the trash", "Ten thumbs down", and some other nasty things. Yet, some people swear by them. The only way to develop your own opinion is to test them yourself. I think that just about covered anything you could've possibly asked me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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