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It is true, you need a roll cutter if you want to make bands from Thera Band. Also you need to make sure your slingshot is well designed, everything is rounded.

If you cut Thera Band as long as the Saunders bands are (so you can virtually not draw it out in full as your arms are too short), then Thera Bands will last just as long.

Of course Tex and Flatband make excellent bands, and Latex really rules. But I need to make my own bands, some strong, some weak, some medium. So Thera Band is my choice.

Accuracy? That comes down to the shooter. There are no inaccurate bands really. I spent three hours in the garden today, one hour to set up my new catch box and two shooting! Was fun. I am no Rufus Hussey, but in most cases I do hit the paper target from 10 meters (I use air rifle targets).

What does make a difference is how you hold the pouch. The slightest mistake in releasing it will cause missed shots. The bands aren't problematic.

Just my 2 cents.
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