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The sensation and thrill of finishing a frame seems to last mere minutes before the voices in the head say, "Do it again! And this time slow down a little more, focus a little more, take your time and you'll get one perfect". This feeling is the same whether I paint, or draw, or play a song, or anything for that matter. I don't beat myself up over it, just cannot wait to 'do better' next time.
This frame is a giant leap for me over the frames I have been making over the last long year or so. In the best of ways this sling is a collaborative effort from my carving idols here on the Forum. I'd name them all but they are all so modest. My carving coach guided me on optimal tool selections, finishing tips, and even gave me this Norway Maple fork and a personal challenge to 'make something great'.
This is the first frame that didn't get a name. This is my first go at a Tri-Hold configuration and my desire to achieve a magical profile of bevels and surfaces. I didn't initially plan to keep the bark-on for the handle end, it just wouldn't go away. I wanted a lanyard but I didn't want the horizontal 1/4" hole and brass tube insert. This idea popped in my head after seeing an indoor hammock mounting bracket. As it is I didn't lose the look or form of the frame and I more or less hide the lanyard connection to the sling. I still get to see the end grain too. I think I like it and will try to incorporate this lanyard style when I can.
Just to make sure y'all know that I really carved this I made about a 25min video of it coming together. If I can get it into a sensible 8-10mins I will post it on YouTube for posterity, and you folks too!
Again thank you to all of you brilliant frame carver's here on the Forum for the inspiration and for posting your work so I can keep studying!
Now, what next?! Mo

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Subtle, smooth and unique ... you got it goin' on Mo.
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