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One of my favorite slingshots is my slingcat. The monostring rubber w/o a fork is very clever and works totally reliable.

Another favorite of mine is my compound slingshot (the first one I made, with the double front extensions).

No I want to try a combination of both. That means just one pulley, right on top of the grip. My plan is to slide the grip up and down, so it slides down when you draw out and it slides up again when you release.

My design has the lever not on the top, but on the bottom of the grip. My sketches have 22cm draw length extension, which means the pouch (with a little bit of string, due to the monoband construction) starts right after the pulley, no dead play.

This dead play is one of the disadvantages of the original slingcat.

We will see!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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