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no more expensive rotary cutter for cutting flatbands....

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well few weaks ago I found this topic ( ) on slingshot forum...and this is apsolutly great works excelent...
what do you think??anybody else try it??for me work great....
P.S. sorry about my bad English im from Croatia...
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The sticky tape method works as long as the adhesive bonds well enough to prevent stretching. It works best on wide thin bands with a clean surface. On Thera-band, you must stick on the non-talked side. It did not work for me with Linatex.

You need a sharp knife. A hard surface like granite, steel, glass or ceramic will blunt a round bellied blade. It will also blunt the very tip of a straight edged scalpel because that is the only contact point.

A rotary cutter will always be superior to this technique, but should be done on a soft plastic cutting mat. Rotary cutters are cheap and asy to buy and you can combine the tape and rotary cutter.

The bestway remains a steel rule die cutter.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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