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Darrell, I like your minamalist approach. You are discovering what is truly essential and what is superfluous. I see that your designs are successful but wonder if you'd comment on how they might be better if things like leather pouches and fork arms and/or a handle are added. I'm not saying yours is inadequate, but I want to better understand what contribution these features make.

Take a wheeled vehicle for example.

A monocycle can be ridden. Adding a second wheel to make a bike allows stronger acceleration and deceleration and slow speed stability by moving the handle bars, and permits a higher centre of gravity too. A trike with two wheels at the back is stable at a standstill, but doesn't corner well and the extra weight makes it slower to accelerate and brake. Having two wheels at the front and one at the back gives more stability and grip in turning, but acceleration can be a problem. A car has four point stability. Moving to six wheels allows a car to move over very unven terrain without grounding out on obstacles. It's the intrepid like yourself that can answer these questions best.
The benefits to having pouches or forks and the different types of pouches and forks can serve a persons desire or need. What I find is that there does not seem to be limits with variety in ways to deliver the round to its intended target and have some fun with it. What is adeguate for one may not serve another. As far as a benefit to shooting without a pouch or forks goes it may only be a plus for those who like the idea of no excess. Im just having some fun here and seeing what my limitations are in this sport. Thats it.
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