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Hi, folks! I've been lurking a while, and thought I'd post up some of my humble efforts.
I found out about this site from Zombie Squad, where Jorg has been wowing us with his wild machines. I came over here to see what others were doing, and if a slingshot could be used as an effective survival hunting tool.
So far, the answer looks like "Yes, but not without a LOT of practice."
Anyway, I made a couple slingshots, and I think I've caught the bug.

This first one is, well, the first one. The bands are too long, and I have since learned it's pointless to make a butterfly style shooter out of tubular rubber. I've also learned the proper way to attach a pouch, and that this pouch is too big. I do, however, really like the fork, so I'm going to redo this one in a few days.

Yes.... that's a stickshot.
Not a lot of power, but fun for days, and nice and compact. I can tuck this into my shirt pocket or wherever,
and have a blast. It's great for work, as I often end up out on some gravel road with 1/2 an hour to kill.
The more traditional one is for my son, though I think I'm going to change the band attachment method. It's a great little shooter, and probably the one
I'll be practicing my hunting with. (When I can pry it away from him
(I cut it out of a cedar 1x12 scrap left over from a father son project where the boy and I built a sled. I made him drive all the screws and do some
rasping and filing while I handled the circular saw chores.
The sled worked okay, the slingshot works better.)

This last one I started right before I hurt my elbow (just had surgery, expect to be 100% in a month), and haven't put a pouch on, so haven't got to shoot it.
I think I'm going to switch out the bands to some light chained rubber bands, and just use it for BB's and other light ammo. It's only 1/8" aluminum, so heavy bands are out of the question.
I still need to put a wrist lanyard on it, thinking of 550 cord with the center taken out, to reduce bulk.

Ugh, that thing's all crooked. My arm got hurt before I finished the filing, so I need to even it out a bit later on.
Anyway, that's all I got for now! I know there's some issues, primarily band and pouch attachment methods, but I'm learning. I also know I need to get
a hold of some decent bands if I want to take the next step, but for now I'm just enjoying myself. Thanks for this awesome forum!

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Man, I like all your stuff, except for the fork tips on the aluminum rod shooter. You should bend them toward you to ease the edge stress on the rubber when you draw to shoot. I think all your work shows a lot of original thinking and trying to use what you have at hand. That is what a lot of people like about slingshots and give them so much unique local flavor.

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Great start, cool ideas, stay with it. Welcome. Nice work.

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Excellent job Jamoni! .....and welcome to the SSF!

Those do not look like noob slingshots! You know what your doing....great designs. I'm sure you'll get a ton of enjoyment out of them.

Thank you for sharing, please update us whenever you craft something new.

Cheers -John

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Thanks, guys! It's really fun for me to see everybody's different approach to a simple problem. I've got a bunch of long term projects going on, and sometimes you can go a month or two without seeing much progress. It's very rewarding to be able to knock out a functioning slingshot in an hour or two of work. I love it!

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very nice considering your a noob.

but i recomend tieing the bands to the pouch with the constriction knot, go on youtube, there are tons of videos that really helped me out alot
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