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"My name is 'Sue!' How do you do!
Now your gonna die!!"

well gentlemen!

I will not take much of your valuable time, this will be quick.

a slingshot but I found in my "to finish box" ... and thought "who cares!! I'll burn this bad girl!" and boy!, I treated her very badly!!

so I gave him a little fire in the waist. for when I finished, I was pleased with the outcome.

simple, rugged, robust and mean, and it seems to have been used for a long time ... that's why I called "SUE". (like that good ol´song of the great Johnny Cash)

(i know, sue was a boy, but is a girl name

SUE! (la Susanita)

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Nice! And made with a good strong hunk of wood too! Top job,
Great work Chaneke and as with all your creations I really love it. You all down in Mexico are doing great work and I love to see your new work!
Very nice slingshot.How deep is the throat?
I like...
Great work, nothing like a real fork..
Very nice work! not a waste of my time at all!
Me gusta como la quemastes. Quedo linda. ¿Cuales son las dimensiones?


Chaneke, outstanding as usual, I love the finish, looks like it was in a pocket for years.
You had me scared there Chaneke!! I thought if this is what I think it is, then it really is a stickapocalypse when it has gotten to you as well!!
I'm glad I looked further, we are still safe, it is good to see a fork, and a fine one at that. This senorita has a nice look about her. I love the burning affect too!
Once again, a fantastic slingshot from you!

Chaneke, tiene que mostrarnos (o yo) cómo quemar madera! Me encanta el look. Sigue así amigo, que siempre es un placer ver lo que han estado haciendo ....

Regards - John
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Caramba Hermano!

I admire your courage to go through the fire your forks. I keep givingmy fear of the dreaded "crack"and you handle it masterfully. I congratulate you! and design as I say ... do not need anything.
I really like the effect you create with your resorteras and fire. They are dark and light in color, they are well cooked and raw. They are simply great man. Saludos.
i love your slingshots...and Johnny Cash!
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