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Nothing quite like Smooth Sumac!

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I'm making a bunch of naturals out of Smooth Sumac. This is the 1st one. Later, I'll post a pic of it outdoors, as the wood is luminescent! It's even phosphorescent and glows under a black light. When I cut it, I thought it was the dumpiest fork yet! It turned out to be a gem! The wood is almost white and has the appearance of the surface of a pearl. These indoors pics don't do it justice. It's a very light wood, heavier than balsa, of course, but much lighter than even Boxelder. This one is 6.25" long and 3.25" wide and weighs under an once! It's still plenty strong for light pulling bands. The knots are "tiger eyes." At least some people call them that. They add interest to the look. Smooth Sumac is the only small tree or shrub native to every state in the lower 48 and also across Canada. It's often found in dry, waste areas. It grows about 10 feet tall. Don't mistake it for Staghorn Sumac. That's a much larger tree and has heavier wood. Anyway, more pics will follow. I hope some of you give this wood a try.



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