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It's always fun to get out hiking and fishing with a good friend.
Mike is my best friend, so every time is an absolute blast. We may act a little immature, and our jokes may be a bit tasteless, but we mean no disrespect to anyone, or to each other. We are just having a good time. Please don't take anything we say seriously. We both turn into 12 year olds as soon as we are away from

We are out smallmouth bass fishing (at a local lake) with the actual goal of catching as many chain pickerel as we possibly can because they are taking over the waterways and wreaking havoc on the trout and Salmon population here in Nova Scotia...

Hope you enjoy the video...and please excuse my friends jokes at the beginning of the video. He hasnt actually been diagnosed with a chemical imbalance, but i do catch him licking windows every so i'm hoping he will get a pass by anyone he unintentionally offends..


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