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A few years ago my father-in-law trimmed off the branches of a huge oak tree in our yard that was close to the house (our old house)...the branches were layimg on the powerlines running from the powerpole to our house and needed to be removed..
The following summer we used the long heavy limbs for our party bon fire pit...we just dragged them to the fire and laid them over the flame..

Anyway, too make a short story a little bit longer, I spotted this fork being licked by the flames and it called out to in my drunken stuper i dangerously removed the fork from the fire..luckily I didnt get badly burmed...i just got a little more toasted

I stumbled onto this fork the other
day in a box while cleaning out tbe storge looked burnt and unrecognizeable...i actually thought it was a maple fork until i started carving it with my trusty TripleX bushcraft knife...then the memory resurfaced..

I had to do some repairs...the fire cracks had to be filled..but i repaired them best i could...i think the fire added character and im glad i saved it from becoming ashes..

Finished with a couple of light base coats of BLO and four coats of tru-oil...


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