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I guess the market will decide if it's value holds to its cost.

For me that's over the top pricey. The value of $100 (US) is much more valuable to me than what the news reports about the value of the dollar is. Whether that took him an hour or 6 months, I couldn't see spending $100 on bent steel, some wood, surgical tubing, and some string regardless how many time or how long his hands had to touch it. He would have to had the Pope bless it, before I'd think about slapping down five twenties for it. I bet the quality of craftsmanship is good if not excellent, but is it so good I couldn't do the exact same thing at a quarter of the asking price myself? Like Trumark's story has it, the first was made on the bumper of a car.

For the record I think an all chrome "W" design with roller bearings I'd probably pay $100 for. Because that's something that has far advancing mechanical design over cut wood or simple bent rod.

But that's just how I see things.
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