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Yes, I think it is possible though it may not be a particularly well-suited solution. So long as the shooting gap is well defined, it is okay-ish. Uneven forks gives us uneven torque forces on the frame. And when you release, the reaction of the frame to the unleashed forces may be a little unbalanced, twisting in your hand and throwing off shots.

Speaking for myself, uneven forks or an asymmetrical shooting window also messes with the subconscious calculations instinctively undertaken by my brain. I think that's probably a contributing reason as to why the Torque is susceptible to frame hits for a lot of guys? (but I could be wrong of course)... just my present theory. And I still think the Torque is a lovely frame - just more suited for seasoned shooters.

IMHO a more likely, better solution would be an offset frame that is offset at the correct angle for you so your wrist is relaxed and neutral when you align to aim. Also, a recurve shape would contribute a lot to the neutral wrist position and even when it is not an offset frame, I would favour recurve ergonomics over a bulb swell. And depending on your natural hold, sloped back fork tips may also be a good idea, especially if you tend to cant the frame forward a little when you shoot. Just sharing my thoughts, as I have been searching for that elusive relaxed wrist neutral frame...

And oh, there is also a way to shoot with the forks turned at an angle somewhere between upright and "gangster. Though I am not familiar with the method, it is quite a relaxed and wrist neutral way to shoot.

Enjoy your shooting discoveries!
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