This one has been banded and shot exactly one time. Shoots great, BTW, it's just that my head space at the time was making and not shooting. One of many that would look good in someone else's hand, not my display board.

Hand carved from a bark-on Sweetgum natural tree fork with Quilted Maple and Lacewood fork tips and an Eastern Cedar but cap. Thin Walnut spacers and Bamboo pins holding the fork tips and but cap. Designed for an ergonomic, left hand, side shooter hold. 1 1/4" fork gap with a depth of 1 1/4", fork width of 2 7/8", fork tips 7/8" x 3/4", 4 1/2" total length, 1 1/8" frame width. Tips are set up for flat bands with an "over the top" attachment method.

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