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Old(er) 'back'packer issues.

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Hahaha... for 3 decades my winter pack has been a worst case scenario of preparedness. Now my brittle bones say NO!

A weird experience is happening and I thought I should share here. I am taking my winter pack and breaking it down into my summer pack...

Now here this! I live in middle to east Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau and there is only the mildest hint of winter in comparison to you true nirthern and high altitude dwellers.

But I am a follower of the Wim Hoff And and if I don't make a plunge into a waterfall or creek soon there is no real cold water by April.

I will try to document this trip and highlight the shenanigans... plus my partner is a Flippery initiate and shooting will happen. I loaned him my mini Taurus OTT and next he gets to borrow my Scout LT.

Things are boiling down to the 5C's plus a modicum of comfort in the Big C- cookery. Cookery means comfort. Red beans and rice with fire roasted Conecuh spicy sausage and Rotel lime with chilis and diced 'mators.

Morakniv belts knives, Victorinox Huntsman, and an Opinel flip( From Drew Bilbrey slingshots) and so much quiet and cold that I reset into humanity's kindness and hopefulness.

Don't know if I'll bring My Boy. The chihuahua really ain't for Temps under 70F. Hahaha...

random pics from my roll.

Now to narrow my slingshot carry yo 3 or 4.

More to come in this thread in the next few weeks. We aren't camping till February 13th.


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Thanks for the post very enjoyable! And that opinel slingshot is amazing!
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