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Good afternoon everyone.

Been a long while since I did a wood build (besides a few nattys) I am a metal worker not a wood worker lol but I did enjoy this one!! Was nice working some softer materials :) I got the wood from an serving board from a home decorating store. Glued everything up with 5 min epoxy, I also drilled holes in the brass liners to let the glue get through to the antler. Anyway here yas go, hope yas like it!!
Human body Dress Wood Knee Tints and shades
Dress Wood Sleeve Trunk Floor
Wood Tool Human leg Artifact Event
Wood Artifact Tints and shades Natural material Art
Hand Human body Gesture Wood Finger
Wood Sleeve Gesture Dress Knee
Wood Dress Trunk Hardwood Natural material
Tableware Vision care Eyewear Wood Eye glass accessory
Hand Wood Finger Natural material Thumb
Wood Natural material Artifact Trunk Metal
Jaw Wood Bone Artifact Fossil
Wood Art Metal Font Natural material
Wood Tints and shades Art Font Metal
Leg Human body Knee Wood Thigh


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That is one stunning Chalice my man!!!! Love the Spalt, Love the grain patterns, Love the finish. Guess you could say I love it! Great Job Island Made!!
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