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On The "Lam-Multi" Wagon

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Last weekend the wife and I decided to do some much needed cleaning out. We were getting new carpets in 2 bedrooms so it would be a good time to do it. We decided to get rid of the big old wooden bed frame in favor of a thinner metal one to save room. I took a look at the 2 wooden runners and found they were a Multi-layered ply-(8 Layers) stained wood. Well, you guys know what I thought right away. After we were done , I got the saw out and cut 24 blanks from those runners. Nice ,light, strong wood about 7/8" thick. I think they will make some nice frames. I marked out a few with different patterns and also finished one up.That bed was slept in for many years and now it will be shot with for many more!! Check the link!
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Now that's how to recycle...looks like you'll have some fine shooters.
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