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Hi all,

Recently I met a friend from my childhood and I asked him what are you doing now when you are retired and he said he has a weekend house and spends time there: gardening, barbecuing and so on.

Then he asked me what I do and I said that my hobby and my sport are slingshots and he was delighted, and asked: the same ones that we made when we were children?, and I said: no, those were barebacks, and these are "forked" slingshots and I showed him the one I carry with me everywhere. He cried: Oh how I would like to have one - and I said: you will get one, for sure.

And here it is. It is made after I studied some hammer grip designs from the post I made few weeks ago and put couple of the designs together. (I normally do not make hammer grip designs).

As all my latest slingshots, this frame is made from plum tree exclusively with a 2mm aluminum core. I rubbed it with BLO-terpentine-bees wax mixture that I learned here in the forum how to make.

It is banded with 22 to 18 mm wide bands with a pouch to hold marbles.

The color of the lanyard is not the one I wanted but that was the only piece of paracord I had at hand.

I gave it to him yesterday and he was very thankful.

I hope you like it:

Plant Wood Terrestrial plant Grass Road surface

Hand Wood Plant Yellow Finger

Hand Gesture Finger Thumb Plant




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Thats nice!
Thanks, mattwalt!

Very nice @jazz, and very cool of you to bring your friend into the fold, lol. Pretty soon, he'll prob be making his

own slings, which I for one, would LOVE to see.

The Plum wood looks a lot like Cedar, but I'm sure it is way harder than Cedar.
Thanks, SLING-N-SHOT! I do not know much about cedar, its kinda exotic wood here, but the plum wood is very hard, especially when totaly dry, however, still nicely giving to carving. And the colors are amazing!

Oh wow. That's an awesome looker.
Thank you, lbojoe!

Beautiful and a nice gift.
Thanks, akajim, you are right, he realy liked the gift!


That's awesome buddy. Looks like you just got another one hooked.
Thanks, M Mars! I hope he will get hooked because here where I live not many people, actually very few people shoot slingshots, so having a slingshot buddy here is an asset.

THAT definitely does not look like what kids would make!

Unique, well done, and a wonderful gift!
Thank you, KawKan, your comment is very much appreciated!

Your childhood friend is a very lucky guy. But don't you feel just a little guilty getting him hooked on this slingshot addiction.
Thanks, Grandpa Pete! I will be happy if he gets hooked - I will have somebody to share this sport with.

That is a real looker I'm sure everyone here would be proud to own and shoot that beastie
Aww, thanks AKA Forgotten!

I like that!
Thanks, String Slap!

Amazing craftsmanship I think your lanyard is the perfect color It draws attention to the slingshot immediately
Thanks, Tag. I did not like the color of this lanyard, but now after your words I look at it differently!!

Holy Forked Sticks!

That is a fine bit of slingshot engineering and craftsmanship. I love that foregrip.
Thank you, Markopat, very much!


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