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One shot at 8mm bearing from 21 feet

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Just thought I would try and do what these guys did and hit an 8mm bearing with one shot from 21 feet
here is the video and the result .
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I put it on two mins ago unfortunately I could not get me and the target in at the same time due to the size of the target
Yes the penny is good practice Jeff you can see mine in the video next to the bearing, I also mix the distances 29ft 33ft and 48ft when shooting the penny.
I enjoyed both videos. In the photo below is something, some of you might recognize. I found them at an "Olde Time Store". The are little twists of paper that have a product in the ball part that snaps when they receive a percussion. Either thrown at a hard surface or hit with some thing like a slingshot, shot. They are right around the 8-9mm size. I like these since I don't have a high speed camera to see whether the shot hit the string or the shot. And I have hit the string on a target many times( not saying you hit the string Hawk, but it occurred to me). The pop verifies a hit because they don't pop unless you actually hit the ball part. I mount them at the end of a string with tape.I don't hit the ball often. So my hat is off to you Hawk for hitting the first shot. View attachment 3458
Thats a good idea I like that, could make your own with flour if were not able to get hold of any,I pinched this idea as you can see from the chinese and plan on pinching another of their ideas,and thats shooting two cans side by side in pairs ten in all dont know when I will get around to it though soon I hope,If anyone has any ideas out their let me know challenges are good for improvement.I have been shooting slingshots for a year now but have a long way to go and not many good years left (just turned 50)so improvment has to be fast lol.I have one Idea but dont know if I have the courage to attempt it and thats to contact guinness world records and try for as many can hits in an hour, pointless like many other challenges on guinness but never the less a challenge.
That hole looks to be about 5mm across I do have some 4mm bearings that I use in the end of the tubes just need some mints,sounds impossible so lets get the mints and give it a go,
I suppose I could pinch the dogs tennis ball and say she chewed it up.
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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