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Just watched the review of the Fish / Saunders= very good video=(as I knew it would be)
Guess I will be thinking Fish before too long, I thought they were larger than that, I like the size and the power/speed, tnx for the review.

First, I have done a video review about it, here:

The Fish Hunter is a great slingshot. It is sturdy, lightweight, well made and the layered, laminated wood is nice to the touch. The Thera Band Gold setup Fish ships on the Hunter is probably the best compromise between comfort and power.

Due to the small, narrow frame that you hold "thumb and index finger on the fork" style, it is easy to be drawn out even for untrained people.

The small size and camouflage color makes it a highly portable and deadly (for small game, of course) weapon.

The main disadvantage is that not everybody can cope with the narrow fork. Holding the Hunter the wrong way (canted fork, so one fork arm is closer to the shooter than the other one) can lead to fork hits, which means finger hits. You have to practice a bit to shoot safe. The same is true for all Milbro slingshots, and most of the Dankungs as well. It's just a fact that many shooters prefer wider forks - and accept the additional bulk.

I do not know what Fish currently charges, but I am sure you can find out by asking him!
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