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Heyyo lads,

Cant stop making slings it seems and have decided to go back and redesign some of my old designs (using things I have learned from the forums and experience) and decided to share this guy, It was my first ever original design, made lots of changes when I first made it, each time getting more complicated. Decided to make it a simpler design and the slight change made it seem like a day and night difference. I had this really really cool orange thermal plastic I call "Orange Crush" and well, here is the results, once warmed, the color changes to this "Sunny D" yellow orange that I am a big fan of. The top is the newest variation which I absolutely love, got rid off all of the sharp and square corners and edges and made everything more round, along with killing the scallops (they caused discomfort imo after a while). The bottum is the old design which I still made because I just think it looks cool as hell. What do you think?


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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