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That's a tremendous collection that you have there. I see lots of very desirable frames by Bunny Buster, Flatband, Dankung, fish and others. You need one by pallan65, and the other commercial members.

I really like the carved handle hanging between pegs 7 & 8 from the left. What is that? I bet that shoots very well.

Almost all your frames are fairly traditional Y-forks. You should try something radically asymmetrical with a handle that has a 45°sideways cant and some offset too.

I am so happy that you get to display your frames. So few people have the freedom to display their gear and much fewer have a collection like yours!

All I have is a hook in the shop to play with, a couple on the gear pile beside my bed and the rest I gave away. That way, I always have new stuff to play with and keep some favourites standing by, but the collection stays small and I get to spread the joy about a bit.
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