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Original "Flatband" Starship

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I recently sold my collection of Vintage Slingshots. Some I gave to close friends, others were sold and a few were donated. I still have a few left. I found this big boy lurking around under my workbench. Over the years I've made around 8 of these. This one is my favorite. Before I became ill, I was able to achieve 498fps with this monster using a "Superfly" Draw. Bands were doubled Black Theraband, ammo was 5/16" steel balls, bands were not heated but outdoor temps were in the high 80's. I don't remember the cut of the bands but they had to be a pretty drastic taper for that kind of speed.I can no longer shoot because of bone on bone elbow arthritis. I can't extend my arm. If I was able to, I know I could easily get well over 500fps with the right band and cut combo. This was a fun Monster to shoot! BTW "Superfly" draw is a full Butterfly Draw with the addition of a Starship for extra band elongation and speed. FUN!!!!

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I'm telling you... move to Arizona! The desert takes away the arthritis pain in just a few days. After a few weeks you have to think about it to remember what the pain felt like up North. And bring that Starship when you come, you'll be shooting it again pain free 🤠
Honestly, send me a pm if you guys want to come down and see for yourself.
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