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For the OTT pouch setup, IMO there is no "best" orientation? I have tried the orientations and found no difference to accuracy but I do have a preference for an antagonistic orientation (one-in-one-out setup) like shown in that vid. However, that might be bothersome if we have OCD tendencise and need to see things neat and all the same... The reason why I prefer the antagonistic setup is because the pouch will fall straighter at rest with just a little natural twist, rather than cup off to a side. Also, I don't have to bother about which way the fold is facing when I attach the bandset to the frame - it will always be antagonistic. But having said that, it makes no real difference shooting (none that I have discerned anyway) and I think it's really personal preference.

I believe the symmetrical set-up is more conventional though and that would be the more "correct" (less offensive ) way by default? It's up to you really. If I were making a bandset for someone else I would make them in the symmetrical manner but for myself, I usually make them antagonistic.

This is just my take though, I could be wrong and others may or may not agree with me...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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