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OUCH, OOHH, OWIE, #*&^% !

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I sneak out of my office to a shaded area and launch a 3/8" steel using a single 3050 at a 25 yard tree and smack it, but the smack I got in the web of my hand between my thumb and forefinger was really painful !!

I did not have my safety band between the forks so the tubes and pouch came back and smacked me and smacked me hard. I put a safety bar in place after that experience and shot a few more shots and did not get smacked in the web of my hand. As you can see, it is a few rubber bands looped between the forks stopping the pouch from coming back and smacking me !!


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From the looks of the picture, you choke way up on the forks right under the rubber bands. If your bands are coming back with that much force, could it be that your ammo is to light. In my mind, your bands should use all their energy propelling the shot. Just guessing.
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