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Y'all. It is time for a little pruning of the slingbox. The TopShot was part of my 'Loaner' bag but all who are interested usually want the Scorpion or the Hammer. So the TopShot may be purchased or traded for Tubes and Pouches!

The little Custom Made Pocket Sling is an amazing piece of work made by MattWalt (the designer), H.E. Norseman who created the CarbonFiber 'core', and myself who made the Zebra Palm swell from a gift by SlingNerd. This is definitely a FORUM sling!! The pocket shooter is a RIGHT HAND HOLD but can be held in the LH but it feels funky that way. My Mo-Hays Ringshooter just moved this sling out of the line-up, so it is ready for a new owner.

Do you wanna buy it? Trade for it? Just look at it? Suggest a price!?

Again, for the Pocket Shooter you are a RH slingmaster that can shoot super-low profile frames or frameless.

No Fork Hits or Funk on these slings.

Lemme Know!

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts