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G'day everyone thought I'd share a project I started and finished today. A new catchbox! My other catchbox was completely ruined and I was having shots go through and smack into the fence behind which was obviously causing dents. Got down to my local Bunnings Warehouse this arvo and brought a nice size 64 litre bin that I thought would work as a catch box after some cutting and what not. Started by measuring the rectangle out. Then used a drill to cut some holes enough that I could cut with the saw. Cut it all out with the saw. Used some wire and wrapped it around the top plenty of times to hang a towl over. Drilled some holes in the side and made some wire loops that went through so I could hang up a spinner. Used some butchers twine and tied a couple of knots on each side so the spinner would stay in the middle. Pulled it taught and good to go. Put the excess plastic that was cut out in the back in case a ball was to go through the towel which is highly unlikely as I folded it many times and shot at it a lot and it was fine. Sorry most of the pics will be sideways, just how it was taken on the phone and formatted via upload.


1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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