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Hello to all multiplex (birch plywood) slingshot makers out there !

Here is a free O.T.T slingshot template - this is the single grip hole version: sturdy low-fork design.

Also download the 11-page tutorial in the templates section of this forum:

It contains the template in 3 different sizes (S, M, L) for the "twin-loop" birch plywood slingshot (2 grip holes)

Materials needed:
  1. An A-grade Baltic or American birch plywood board, min. 19 mm thick (see:
  2. Scrap leather for the pouch (2-3 mm thick). Sources: shoe repair shops, smaller leather goods shops.
  3. "Theraband" exercise rubber for the flat bands. Information:
Tools required:
  1. 2 mm thick, dense cardboard to create the slingshot paper-based template for sketching on the board.
  2. A jigsaw with a suitable strong cutting blade.
  3. An electric power drill.
  4. A spade drill bit (22 mm)
  5. A drill stand for the grip hole(s).
  6. A vise to hold the slingshot frame.
  7. A coarse rasp with a flat and a rounded side.
  8. A smoother file with a flat and a rounded side.
  9. A round file (5-6mm diameter) for the fork attachment grooves.
  10. 150 and 320 grit sandpaper.
  11. Finishing option: water-based wood sealing varnish (3 layers). This is what I used.
Safety gear:
  • Leather working gloves.
  • Safety glasses while sawing and rasping.
  • A breathing mask while sawing, filing, and sanding (fine birch wood and formaldehyde glue dust).
Useful suggested dimensions for flat bands (Theraband blue) and the leather pouch:

Flat bands: 29 cm long, 26 mm width at the forks, 16 mm at the pouch, double layer.
Pouch: 7 cm long, 25 mm wide.

The above combo works very well for 12 m steel BB ammo (from "Kugel Winnie", Germany, as shown in the video.

View the video tutorial, which includes a shooting test at the end:

Enjoy & shoot safely.

Pebble Shooter
Download PDF
Download PDF
Download PDF
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